The first month of a personal YouTube Channel and what I learned

30 days have passed, my youtube channel has grown a little bit, and here is my experience so far. After 30 months

Igor Carvalho
4 min readAug 25, 2020


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I committed to myself to share my experiences with my YouTube channel by blogging about it. Just because I still believe that having a Personal YouTube channel it’s for sure a Personal Branding and then you have to create a startup of You. You are the main product of the channel (isn’t it a company?) and then you have to do some A/B testing to verify what works out, or what fails.

The Channel

My channel is a vlog, which I’ll share some things that I’ve been learning for some time, like, productivity, self-development, and related topics. I feel comfortable talking about these topics because I tried several techniques in my life and I saw a difference in it since I started to change. Then I believe I can help other people too.

But also I like to just speak, about topics that I have some knowledge about it and I want to give my 2 cents about it, maybe I can give some different views about that topic. Topics like culture, influencers, or anything else.

The main thing about my channel is that like you, I’m not only my profession, I’m also a listener of jazz, a Netflix-watcher. I love Game of Thrones, also enjoy drinking a great beer. So, I want to share my ideas and experiences with my Channel by vlogging. Here are some things that I learned since I started my channel.

The number so far

  • Number of videos: 8
  • Subscribers: 43
  • Views: 448
  • Minutes viewed: 14,7 hours
  • Personal improvements to have more confidence in front of the camera: 😅


One of the greatest things about having a personal channel, you can talk about anything you want. Of course, it has consequences if you want to change the topic drastically from one video to another. But anyway, you have some freedom. You don’t need to have an agenda, and that’s the greatest thing you can have when you are starting.

With this freedom, you have to be twice as careful, because it’s your “brand” going out there and your thoughts. If someone does not like what you think about some topic, a new hater has risen, then it’s necessary to understand that you won’t please everyone around you.

After 8 videos I see how I got better in front of the camera. As an introvert, I feel uncomfortable by talking to a camera, and yet that video would be on the internet. The idea of my ideas being shared and discussed is frightening, no matter what as soon as my video is out there, public, I have to be accountable for what’s there. It’s important because it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong, if somebody doesn’t like you, this somebody will try hard to create a bad image from you.

I’m not free of this digital hate culture, I have to stand by what I say because after all, I am a brand and a product of the entertainment in the digital world. I say this because for every video that I uploaded and every person who is quite close to me and telling me that I’m good at it and I’m really “me” in front of the camera, that I didn’t create a character. Also, they shared their opinions about what I said. More of this happened and more I am aware of the accountability that I must have with my own YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channel as Startup

The lot that I have learned since I started it. Like:

  • How YouTube works
  • How important a Thumbnail is
  • How important SEO is important too

I had to do some tests to understand YouTube and my Channel.

  • The best day and time to publish
  • Which topic people like the most
  • Which topic I am more comfortable with

In the beginning, I would say it’s the same pivotal approach of startups, you need to pivot if something is not working, if not, you won’t conquer a bigger audience.

My “product” is my videos, then I have to understand how my “clients” (viewers) feel about my videos and how can I improve it. The first thing I had to do is, find a mic to increase the quality of audio, then I bought a DSLR to improve the video quality. But, to be honest, I do believe that only the audio improvement was enough, because if we have a bad quality video we are “ok with it” but not with bad audio.

I will continue to post my experiences with my channel because I believe that maybe you want to start something but you want to know more about it.



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