If You Want To Be Wise, Start To Open Your Mind

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Nowadays we have so many discussions happening around the world about many topics, but from time to time we found ourselves discussing the same topics with the same people. Divergent opinions shouldn’t make us apart, it should make us see the world from different points of view.

When are too focused on what we like only, we are blind to innovation, knowing people that are different, knowledge about other fields you are not used to. Arguing who is right or wrong does not make us better, going in no direction where you will learn more about the world, society, nature, or even politics.

Staying hungry is the best way to evolve as a human, looking for new things to learn every day, discuss what you just learned with people to share knowledge. Don’t stick with opinions that diverge yours just because you want to be right, try to see how they see the world, try to understand his perspective about what you are discussing.

By closing yourself from other people that are sharing what they know or what they believe, you start to be the one you “hate”, an arrogant. Being wise means to listen and not scream, to watch and not point fingers, to think and not talk out loud. Being wise knows the time, knows when you are wrong, and accepts you don’t know everything. Knowing more than others and keep showing yourself as “know everything” does not make you better, just makes you a pain in the ass.



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Igor Carvalho

Igor Carvalho

I’m a tech lover, blogger, YouTuber, Netflix watcher, and on my daily work I’m a software engineer with several years of experience.