If You Want To Be Successful, Don’t Envy Others

By envying others, you forget how hard is necessary to work in order to be successful

Igor Carvalho
3 min readNov 24, 2020
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For that, I can say that I will be as much as possible to be happy for other people's success. I will be as much as possible supportive in their decision because I will expect the same from people I trust. To be trusted, you need to be sincerely happy with people’s success, even if you are falling down because maybe you will have support from them. Not only that, if you are at least satisfied to see your friend succeeding in life while you “aren’t” I’m pretty sure that your success is close, you just need to work harder.

It might sound strange, but one reason people want to be a better person in life is by looking at other people’s success and try to do the same in order to achieve something close to what is possible to achieve. Then it’s necessary to be cautious about that because then you might become envious of anyone’s success.

Envy vs. Jealousy

One thing is certain, it’s necessary to differentiate between envy and jealousy:

Envy: to wish that you had something that another person has
Jealous: upset and angry because someone that you love seems interested in another person

Some people might think both words are the same because the feeling you have might be similar, but it’s indefinitely heaviest to feel envy at others.

People are different, and it’s important to remember that every day if you want to succeed in life. It’s necessary to keep in mind that no one will be you, you even can find people similar to you, with the same tastes, with the same love and even with the same hobbies, but will never be the same as you.

For that, it’s necessary to also remember that your path will always differ from others, because you have different goals and priorities in life, moreover you have unique experiences in life, how can you have the same path as a stranger. Unless you keep posting your life, your goals, and priorities to everybody, no one will have exactly the same as you.

Saying that, I noticed how people don’t enjoy your happiness, people became fragile from your happy moments, people became jealous of you, just because you have something different from you. Once I saw a person being jealous of me because I got a new job, what is strange is that this person has a way better job than what I was about to join, with a bigger salary and different positions.

Success is different for everyone

Success will always differ from person to person, no one has the same definition of success, maybe some people have the same idea of success:

  • Have a fancy car
  • Have a fancy house
  • Have a huge company
  • Have 10 million dollars to spend every day

One thing it’s interesting, the ideas people share about success, usually means have something. But they never think:

  • I will work from 9 am to 10 pm to be successful inside the company
  • I will work hard too, even on weekends just to be a great CEO
  • I will study really hard to join Harvard and be a successful lawyer

Then people forget that to be a successful person, you must work hard, study hard, do something hard to achieve somewhere, sometimes even not knowing where it will go.

Envy forbid you to be successful

Jealous people don’t think about the cost that successful people had in their lives, forgetting that to be successful, the basic rule you need to remember every day “forget people who don’t believe in you”. Not to mention that what they learned is more valuable than anything, books, biographies, lectures, and many more. But I ask myself if the people who envy others take the trouble to learn from people they envy.



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