How Your Leadership Style Might Impact In Your Team

Different leadership style might impact in different ways in a team, understand what they are might be valuable when it comes to how a team behave

Igor Carvalho
3 min readDec 30, 2022
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A leader can take any of a number of various leadership stances, each of which has certain traits that help you understand how it could affect a team. Here are a few instances of several leadership styles:


An autocratic leader expects their employees to follow their ideas without question and makes decisions on their own. This method is frequently employed for making quick decisions, however it can be controversial with team members who feel that they have no say in the process.

They can decide everything individually, or they can assign tasks to team members while still holding the final say. When quick decisions must be made or when team members lack the necessary skills or experience to make decisions on their own, this form of decision-making may be useful. If team members feel they have little influence in how things are done, it can also cause animosity and low morale among them.


A democratic team leader promotes participation and cooperation. They appreciate the opinions of the team members and reach choices via dialogue and agreement. Because it actively involves team members in decision-making and seeks their thoughts and ideas, this leadership style is sometimes referred to as participative leadership. A democratic leader can ask team members for comments, organize discussions and debates, and promote honest communication and teamwork.

Democratic leadership has the potential to effectively stimulate innovation and creativity while creating cooperation, trust, and loyalty among team members. Giving team members the chance to participate and take responsibility for their job may also help them develop their abilities and confidence.


By taking a hands-off attitude and letting team members take the lead on their own projects and make their own decisions, a leader practices laissez-faire leadership. Due to the fact that it entails giving team members the flexibility to conduct on tasks and responsibilities as they see appropriate, this leadership style is often referred to it as delegative leadership.

Laissez-faire leaders may give help and direction when required, but they often let team members operate autonomously and take initiative. This management style can work well in teams with high levels of expertise and self-motivation since it encourages innovation and creativity while letting team members take responsibility for their work.


A leader that practices transformational leadership focuses on inspiring and encouraging team members to reach their maximum potential. Shared vision is fostered by transformational leaders, who also encourage team members to express their individual skills and perspectives.

Building trusting relationships with team members, encouraging open dialog and cooperation, and offering support and direction when necessary, are all aspects of this leadership style. Team members may be given chances to advance their abilities and take on new challenges by transformational leaders.

When motivating team members, a leader that practices transactional leadership emphasizes incentives and punishments. Clear expectations are set by transactional leaders, with with repercussions for fulfilling (or not meeting) those expectations.

In order to encourage and direct behavior, this leadership style consists of creating a clear set of rules and regulations for the team to adhere to. Transactional leaders may use incentives like praise, recognition, or money for surpassing expectations as well as sanctions like punishment or loss of privileges to deal with failures or inappropriate behavior.

You as a leader might have part of each leadership style depending on the situation with your team, which it’s more important to be flexible enough to adopt to every situation in your daily basis so you can bring the best to your team.



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