How To Prepare Yourself For Stressful Times

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Especially in 2020, because of the corona pandemic, we are highly stressed. When we have moments of high pressure in life, we are anxious about something. When we lose a job, for example, is when you are highly anxious, because you have to find a new job as soon as possible, unless you are wealthy. And that’s the problem, because you can’t see things clearly.

As long as you stay in this state of pressure, it gets worse over time, and this impacts not only you but the closest ones too. It’s a small sacrifice we have to do sometimes to have peace among people we love. For sure these people will understand why we are how we are, but we need to do our job as well. Especially this year we are.

I’m not saying that you have to push yourself to be “positive” all the time, but to understand that you have people around you and you don’t want to hurt them. But, understandably, being in a state of pressure is tiring. We don’t perform well and it’s necessary to do something to avoid this problem to grow.

  • Stop a little: When you feel too anxious or stressed, stop for some minutes, take deep breaths to calm down. One thing that can help you is Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Take a time out: A vacation is a great tool for that, even in times of Corona, we all must take some time to rest. Taking one or two days to rest should be fine, and then it’s possible to “reset” your mind so you’ll be able to see things clearly from now on.
  • Limit your “pressure-time”: 2020 was the year that most of us had to adapt to remote working, with that we started to not have clear boundaries between personal and professional life, since we never know if we sleep at work or the work is in our house. It’s extremely important to have a clear boundary and specific time to start and end work time.
  • Exercise daily: To help you feel good and keep healthy, it’s good to take a moment every day at least to walk, with that you will decrease the levels of stress in your life, not to mention that will become healthier with time.
  • Accept the fact that you can’t control everything: See 2020, we made plans for it, and yet we could not prevent what would happen. Don’t stress yourself just because something went wrong.
  • Watch comedy: It’s well known that laughter is a great medicine for stress. Therefore, spend some time watching a stand-up comedy or even sitcoms to relax. One thing that helps me a lot on stressful days, is to watch some episodes of “How I met your mother” or “Friends”.
  • Talk to someone: To relieve pressure, friends and family can help you by listening to you. Tell them that you feel overwhelming. Maybe a professional can help you either.
  • Be positive: I know this is easy to say, even so, we need to be positive. This helps to lower blood pressure, have less heart disease, better weight control, and healthier blood sugar levels.

Doing these simple things might help you avoid better handle stressful times. For me, I had to change a lot in the past year given the fact we all had to stay home for months, like many others, I was looking for better ways to live better to be less stressed and less anxious since we haven’t much to do inside the house 24x7.



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Igor Carvalho

Igor Carvalho

I’m a tech lover, blogger, YouTuber, Netflix watcher, and on my daily work I’m a software engineer with several years of experience.