For when you want to go deep inside of you and learn about yourself

Pouring an Ardbeg 10y, amazing whisky, playing my Blues playlist on Spotify, I can go deep inside myself to just listen to my thoughts and feelings that Gene Deer makes me think, feelings that Magic Slim brings from deep in my soul.

For you to discover yourself, you need time…

This is quite obvious, for sure, but some people have to be remembered to stop what you’re doing instead to get worse, after all, nobody wants to burn out.

Especially in 2020, because of the corona pandemic, we are highly stressed. When we have moments of high pressure in life, we are anxious about something. When we lose a job, for example, is when you are highly anxious, because you have to find a new job as soon as…

Igor Carvalho

I’m a tech lover, blogger, YouTuber, Netflix watcher, and on my daily work I’m a software engineer with several years of experience.

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